What was the most used emoji this year?

This is the emoji that was shared the most in 2021: the laughing crying face, aka 😂, is the star of the year! You’d think this was quite a feat knowing that there are 3,633 icons available, but there wasn’t even a match.

The Crying Laughing Face 😂 has been by far the most used emoji this year. According to the Unicode consortium, which is responsible for managing these icons for all platforms, this emoji represented more than 5% of the total emojis used in 2021! The podium also has the red heart ❤️ in second place, and the face that rolls on the floor with laughter 🤣 in third place.

The cardboard 😂

The rest of the top 10 is completed with the following emojis: 👍 😭 🙏 😘 🥰 😍 😊. From icons to vibe very positive therefore, with the exception of the crying face. An achievement, because there was not only good news this year… The ranking is very close to that established in 2019, the previous year during which the consortium achieved this ranking: 😂 ❤️ 😍 🤣 😊 🙏 💕 😭 😘 👍 !

Of all the health-related emojis, only 🥵 and 🥴 managed to make it into the ranking of the 100 most used icons. However, the pandemic continued this year… However, 😷 went from 186th to 156th place, while 🦠 made its appearance in the top 500. According to the consortium, the health crisis has certainly changed our way of life, but it has had little effect on the way we express ourselves online. So much the better, somewhere …

Fans of the face with teary-eyed eyes 🥺 only have a few efforts left to push it into the top 100! The birthday cake 🎂 shows the strongest progression: it is placed in 25th position, whereas it was 113th in 2019. In all, the hundred emojis that have been used the most this year represent 82% of all the most popular icons. shared.

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