What will be the next cryptocurrency to integrate Binance?

One of the reasons Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world is that it hosts a lot of them. And his boss is on the lookout to add new tokens!

With over 500 cryptocurrencies on the counter, Binance caters to as many investors as possible, but there is always room for improvement! New tokens appear regularly: their creators seek to integrate the platform because it is synonymous with visibility, as for buyers they are fond of novelties which can climb very high and very quickly.

Internet users to decide

Selecting new cryptocurrencies being technically complex, Changpeng Zhao the boss of Binance therefore asked the opinion of Internet users on Twitter. What are the tokens that should be included in Binance’s index? As you can imagine, many answers revolve around crypto “jokes” that could one day become strongholds, such as Shiba Inu or Dogecoin.

That’s why it’s no wonder the Dogelon Mars (ELON) is among the most requested cryptos on Twitter. Many internet users would like to see it listed on Binance. This would help the token gain places in the ranking of the most important cryptocurrencies where it is currently hovering around the hundredth position.

But another crypto is also in great demand: the DBA. Creation of the bank DafriBank, this token wants to become the most important African cryptocurrency. This is the reason why the community of the continent is mobilizing so that it integrates Binance and can have free rein to impose itself among the most important virtual currencies.

Changpeng Zhao is spoiled for choice. Maybe he will choose these two cryptocurrencies?

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