WhatsApp enables backups with end-to-end encryption

WhatsApp announces that the option for end-to-end encryption for conversation backups is now available. This is a gradual rollout, not everyone can take advantage of it today.

WhatsApp End-to-End Encrypted Backup

More security for backups with WhatsApp

End-to-end encryption means that WhatsApp backups are unreadable without the encryption key. Users who opt for encrypted backups must register a 64-digit encryption key or create a password linked to that key. This data will be important when restoring conversations on a new device.

Here’s what WhatsApp says:

Although the messages you send and receive that are end-to-end encrypted are stored on your device, many people also want to be able to back up their chats if their phone is lost. Starting today, we’re providing an additional and optional layer of security to protect backups stored on Google Drive or iCloud with end-to-end encryption. No other global messaging service of this caliber offers this level of security for its users’ messages, media, voicemail, video calls, and chat backups.

WhatsApp has more than two billion users worldwide and more than 100 billion messages pass through every day, according to the messenger. We understand why the deployment of end-to-end encrypted backups is being done gradually. WhatsApp does not say when it will actually be accessible to 100% of users.

This novelty concerns both WhatsApp on iOS and WhatsApp on Android. Make sure you have the latest update for the app.

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