WhatsApp finally allows you to leave a group discreetly

With the latest version of its application, WhatsApp finally allows users to leave a group discreetly, without notifying other members. Only the administrators will be informed of the departure of a user.

whatsapp leave group
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We mentioned it in our columns in May 2022. As usual, our colleagues from the WABetaInfo site dissected the beta versions of WhatsApp to find possible future features. In particular, they found mentions of an important change: the ability to leave a group without notifying other users.

WhatsApp finally allows you to discreetly leave a group

However, WhatsApp has just published version 22.22.75 of its application. This new version offers several new features, starting with the possibility of leaving a group discreetly. As specified by the developers on the Google Play Store and App Store pages of the app, only group administrators will be informed of the departure of a user. The deployment of this feature began on October 17, 2022.

As said above, this is not the only novelty introduced by this update. Here they are :

  • Admins can now delete messages for everyone. All participants can see who deleted it
  • It is now possible to create a WhatsApp call link from the Calls tab
  • Users can now react to a status via reactions
  • You can cancel “Delete for me” for a few seconds

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whatsapp leave group
Credits: WhatsApp

No more screenshot possible on single view messages

Otherwise, users can now choose which users are allowed to view them online. “By selecting who among your contacts can or cannot see your online presence, you preserve your privacy”, explains WhatsApp. Here again, the deployment will be done gradually this month.

Finally, it is now possible to block screenshots for single view posts. What prevent your recipients from immortalizing your ephemeral exchanges. Note that this feature is in the testing phase. As a reminder, WhatsApp recently announced that groups will soon be able to accommodate more than 1000 members. For now, the maximum capacity is set at 512 users in a conversation. We are still far from the 200,000 users authorized in a group on Telegram, but this is still good news for WhatsApp aficionados.

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