WhatsApp history transfer now possible between Android and iPhone

WhatsApp history transfer now possible between Android and iPhone

WhatsApp and Apple have developed a method to transfer chat history between Android device and iPhone as simply as possible.

For many WhatsApp users, losing the chats, photos and other documents shared on the messenger is out of the question. This fear may prevent them from switching to an iPhone, which is not Apple’s business. The manufacturer and WhatsApp have therefore worked together to make life easier for all Android device users wishing to switch to iOS.

Secure transfer

Beforehand, the switcher must download the Migrate to iOS application on his Android smartphone. It is she who will make the bridge between the old device and the new iPhone. During the configuration procedure of the latter, an option in the “Apps and data” panel is available to perform the data transfer with the Android smartphone.

The iPhone will then search for the Migrate to iOS app present on the old phone, then create a peer-to-peer connection that will allow it to recover files, contacts and other documents. Including the history of WhatsApp conversations, which also represents a first for Migrater to iOS which opens up there to a third-party developer.

Depending on the size of the archive to be transferred, the loading time will be longer or shorter on the iPhone. Apple will also pre-load the WhatsApp icon on the smartphone’s home screen, just touch it to quickly download the entire application. It will then be necessary to authenticate in WhatsApp to decrypt the history. Then all chats and attachments should be available on the iPhone.

Please note that this is still a beta version, so there may be some bugs. Once transferred to the iPhone, the history can be saved in the cloud of iCloud in order to be able to restore it on a future new iPhone.

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