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WhatsApp: message backups could become chargeable

WhatsApp users can save their conversations on Google Drive, without any particular limit and above all without paying. They can thus repatriate their messages on a new smartphone in the event of a change. But all of this could pay off.

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Soon paid backups for WhatsApp?

While digging through the beta version of WhatsApp’s app, WABetaInfo spotted lines of code that strongly suggest that messaging backups are going to have a limit and that you’ll have to pay from a certain amount of data. This choice is not really surprising if we observe what Google does.


As a reminder, Google has allowed for several years to have unlimited storage on its Google Photos service. That’s no longer news. The same goes for users with a Pixel who could store unlimited photos in the original quality. Again, this is no longer available. Google is doing everything for users to take its Google One offer which allows for more online storage.

History should repeat itself with WhatsApp and backups. A limit on the size of backups should be put in place. Those who want to store “large” backups may well have to pay.

Everything discussed here is about WhatsApp’s Android app. Those who have an iPhone (under iOS therefore) go through iCloud for the backup of messages. And for once, it’s already deducted from the storage available on iCloud.

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