whatsapp mute contact

WhatsApp now allows you to mute a contact’s microphone during a group call

Last Thursday, WhatsApp announced the arrival of several new features, including the ability to mute a participant’s microphone during a group call. This new practical and easy-to-use option will allow you not to be disturbed by a contact who has forgotten to mute during a meeting.

whatsapp mute contact
Credits: WhatsApp

Decidedly, WhatsApp is not idle at the moment. New features keep coming one after the other, to the point that the ads would almost overlap. Thus, we learned last week that the messaging system will offer the possibility of choosing who has access to their profile information. At the same time, William Cathcart, boss of the firm, also unveiled a new feature concerning this time group calls.

After increasing the total number of participants to 32 for a single call, WhatsApp wanted to prevent these meetings from turning into a veritable infamous cacophony. To do this, the application is deploying today with its latest update a new feature that allows you to mute a participant’s microphone who would have forgotten to do it himself.

You can now mute an annoying contact during a call

The handling is particularly simple: just select the stunned contact to see a new option appear allowing you to mute your microphone. Moreover, it is also his send a message directly in a separate conversation, if you prefer to warn him yourself of the parasitic noises coming from his smartphone. Additionally, these options will be available to all participants in the call, not just the one who initiated the meeting.

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Finally, a last small novelty has also been integrated into group calls, obviously one of the priority points of improvement for WhatsApp. Indeed, the participants will bet notified of the arrival of a new contact in an ongoing call using a small banner that appears on the screen. These latest features are already available on iOS and Android. If you don’t have access yet, check that your version of WhatsApp is up to date.

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