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Launched a little over a year ago, Sorare is one of the platforms in vogue at the moment. By combining card collection, MPG-style fantasy football and trading, it is winning over more and more players.

We tested Sorare for more than six months, here is a first opinion after this experience.

What is Sorare?

Launched in 2019 by two French people, the Sorare concept is based on the collection and use of NFT in the form of football player cards.

If you are not familiar with NFTs, you will find a full explanation here. To draw a simple parallel with FUT cards, each of your cards is not unique, and cannot be used outside of FIFA. On Sorare, when you buy a card, it belongs to you, and you are even free to resell it outside the platform, since it is by definition unique and authenticated by the Blockchain.

Sorare has forged a partnership with more than 200 clubs in the biggest championships in the world. Each season, a maximum of 1111 cards are edited per player. There are five levels of cards in Sorare. The common level (white) groups together all the cards offered when you open your account. They can only be used in the Free Championship, we’ll get to that later.

Test Sorare

The other levels are “limited” (1000 cards), “rare” (100 cards), “super rare” (10 cards) and “unique” (1 single card). You may have heard of Sorare with the record sale of Cristiano Ronaldo’s 2021 single card, which was sold… 280,000 dollars!

Unlike a platform like NBA Top Shot whose concept is based, for the moment, only on the collection, Sorare’s cards are constantly used to win prizes (rare cards or ETH).

How to get started on Sorare?

When you start a game on Sorare, you must select your three favorite teams. From these, you will receive community cards that will allow you to participate in the only championship that does not require rare cards: the Rookie Starter. Before creating your account, two golden rules on Sorare. The first is to go through a referral link, to have the right to a card offered from the purchase of 5 cards at auction. This mechanic is important, because you can receive a player with a very high value.

The second is to choose 3 strong clubs, to have at least a good starting goalkeeper. With the received cards (a dozen), you can participate 8 times in the Rookie Starter Championship. In the latter, the only possible prizes are rare cards, but the odds are slim with only 3 cards dealt for thousands of players.

How does “Game Week” work?

Game Weeks are at the heart of the game. In these, you can play against other managers and try to win prizes in twenty different championships.

To participate in a Game Week, all you have to do is create your team of five cards. Each championship has its restrictions (rarity, age, federation, etc.) and the prizes vary from rare cards to Ether prizes. The biggest championship allows you to win 3 ETH, or the equivalent of € 5,300 at the time of writing.

Once those cards are lined up, it’s your players’ performance in the matches they play in real life that determines a rating. To set this score, Sorare relies on data from Opta, the benchmark statistician in the world of football. This performance score (from 0 to 100) will be multiplied by your player’s bonus to reach their final score. The bonus is a mix of rarity, experience and other criteria like captaincy.

How to win on Sorare?

Where Sorare stands out from Fantasy Football platforms like MPG is that it allows you to invest and grow your assets (the cards). The most affordable league, Division 4 All-Star, earns 0.02 ETH if your team reaches 250 points. If you have chosen incumbents, this is a very often attainable goal.

Each week, on average, two game weeks take place. To participate in the championships, you will need at least 4 rare cards. Our advice for a good start is to choose from your 3 favorite teams those with excellent goalkeepers. The goal being that your common card is that of a good guardian, the rare guardians being very expensive on Sorare. For the rest of the positions, you can build a strong team by making smart choices.

As explained above, there are many championships each week, and the prizes vary. But it all depends on your players and your choices, this is where the trading / transfer window comes into play.

How to buy players?

To buy a card on Sorare, you will need to fund the platform’s wallet. You have two choices: either payment by credit card or supply via an ETH (Ethereum) Wallet. In the game, you can then choose to see the value of the players in euros, or in ETH.

Unlike games like FUT, the ability to resell your cards turns your stocks into real investments. If you decide to stop Sorare, you can therefore sell your cards and then withdraw the funds from your account.

To buy a Rare card you have three choices.

The first is to go through the auctions. Several times per hour, Sorare creates new cards (limited to 111 per player per year). You therefore enter into an auction mechanism with the other managers. Whoever is willing to pay the most wins the stake. It is by winning 5 auctions that you will win a free rare card, if you went through a referral link.

The second way to recruit is to go through the market. In this tab, it is the other managers who put their cards back on sale. This is a great way to grow your club, by making smart purchases / resales. Small example, summer is fast approaching, and the European championships will soon end. The value of Ligue 1 players is gradually declining, while that of Korean championship players and MLS climbs, as their championships are held this summer.

You can also buy injured (or short of playing time) players at a discount to keep them and resell them at the best time. Valère Germain, for example, has not been at OM for years, but at the end of his contract. He will leave for another club this summer, if he signs in the middle of the table and becomes the holder, his Sorare rating will soar. So this is an interesting time to buy it.

The third way to buy a Sorare player, and one of the coolest things about the game, is direct offers. You can send an offer to any manager. You can even trade players. In the end you manage your small club and if you want to go even further, the official Sorare Discord allows you to negotiate with registered managers. If you’ve always loved Football Manager, this aspect of Sorare is one of the closest to the game.

Sorare opinion: NFTs have a future

The world of NFT is rich, with its share of unnecessary projects. However, a platform like Sorare seems set to last, with solid investors on the one hand, but above all a community that is growing day by day. She convinced us during our test.

Sorare has above all been able to develop partnerships with very large clubs such as Real Madrid, PSG or Bayern Munich. Only a few Premier League clubs are missing to further increase the interest.

The game mechanism is very well thought out, and the evolutions numerous. In one month of play, we saw new teams arrive, the Rookies cards and side games like OneShot, a. free platform developed with Ubisoft and using Sorare cards.

The only real brake for any new player is the surge in current prices. The rise of Ethereum and the rise in popularity of Sorare make the game less financially accessible today.

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