When virtual reality benefits anesthesiologists during surgical procedures

The Board of the European Society of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care (ESAIC) held an annual meeting at Euroanaesthsia. During this encounter, several advantages of using 3D printing and new virtual realities have been underlined. Among these interests are improving care, the stress reduction of the anesthetist and the regular operation of work tools.

In Israel, a team of anesthetists uses the new technology on twenty (20) patients. Among these, a 35 week fetus required a cesarean delivery. At the same time, an 83-year-old woman had to undergo open-heart surgery. The rest of the patients were children suffering from various ailments.

Most of the cases involved children subject to lung surgery. Virtual technology was used to craft personalized plans for patients suffering from large mediastinal mass (MM).

The premises of a new imaging technique?

Dr Ruth Shaylor, lead author of the research, explains that“Using imaging analysis, our anesthesia team was able to print very accurate models of patients’ airways on which to plan and practice their procedures”. Because, children are the most vulnerable, because they are smaller. The advantage of the new virtual reality lies in its ability to provide with sharpness of images from the scan.

With this innovation, we noted making a 3D model. Similarly, a print can be rotated in 3 or 4 hours on a 3D capable printer. In fact, virtual reality in anesthesia was initiated to strengthen the medical science training program. This is precisely the reason that justifies its use in other specialties. It is orthopedic surgery, of the dentistry and some pediatric cardiology.

Benefits in the management of anesthesia

In order to really identify the advantage of the technology on the management of anesthesia, Shaylor’s team retrospectively examined (based on old data) the 20 patients. 15 in total were the subject of 3D printing through the airways. 3 were submitted to the virtual reality of the great cases of MM. LThe images of the airways from the model were quite clear.


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