when will season 4 air on Netflix?

This year, under the tree, the kimono will be required. Netflix recalls the release date of season 4 of Cobra Kai.

It is an unexpected success. Launched on YouTube Premium in 2018, Cobra Kai quickly met its audience despite its audience limited to holders of a premium video platform subscription. But it was especially after Netflix’s recovery of the series that Cobra Kai has firmly established itself in the audiovisual scene. After a first season under the direction of N rouge – the third – she returns at the end of the year 2021 for a fourth burst of episode.

Gift for early adopters and new converts, season four is slated for the December 31 of this year. A great way to celebrate the transition to the year 2022, alongside Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence.

As a reminder of the facts, Cobra Kai is a sequel to the different opus of the first Karate Kid saga. Several years after having faced each other as teenagers, Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence each live on their own in Los Angeles. But when their paths cross again, the resentment of the past resurfaces and it is difficult for Johnny to remain calm.

A clash of anthology

On the plot side, the series will immerse us directly after the events of the grand finale of season 3. Kreese recruited Robby for the All Valley tournament. To hope to defeat his former mentor, Johnny Lawrence must join forces with his long-time enemy: Daniel LaRusso. If they seem to have put their respective resentments aside, the two characters do not really have the same teaching methods and it will probably be necessary to expect some sparks. On the other hand, we hope that this new team, bringing together the two rival dojos, will hurt Kreese and his band of thick brutes.

See you on December 31 to discover this new part of Cobra Kai. We should be entitled to 10 unreleased episodes of approximately 30 minutes each. The big fans will therefore make short work of it. They will nevertheless be able to console themselves by telling themselves that the series is promised for an additional season, at least.

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