Where are the Spider-Man gloves on the new Fortnite Map?

Fortnite players can now put themselves in the shoes of another Marvel superhero, one of whose films is eagerly awaited at the end of the year. It is the flagship novelty of the moment. The superpowers of Spiderman are accessible via gloves to find.

Spider_man Gangs-FORTNITE Credits

Spider-man Gangs_FORTNITE Credits

A first chapter at the top for season 3

Chapter 1 of Season 3 of Fortnite was launched on December 5, boiling all fans of the game. Epic games has gone all out for a very satisfactory result. Many new features are emerging, including the famous Spiderman gloves which have already become iconic. This popular tool for players is added to the long list of items already available.

Gloves for extraordinary actions

After the grapples, the trampoline and others, it’s time for spiderman gloves. Owning this item will allow players to have the same abilities as Spider-Man. In particular, they can throw webs with their fingertips. These powers can help players jump between buildings, perform stunts and many other actions. But how to find them? For that, you will have to go to the Fameux Daily Bugle which is now present on the new Fortnite Map. On the spot, you will have to go through a somewhat puzzling course.


A double course

Spiderman gloves cannot be collected like regular items. To find them, you will have to play a game inside another game. In this nested game, you will be able to come across Spiderman backpacks. The bags each have a 90% Spawn rate. In these bags there will not only be care utilities, but also the much sought-after gloves.

It should be noted that there are two types of gloves. Those who will no longer be useful after 80 webs throws and those who have infinite jets. These types of gloves are rare because of their power. It’s a pretty cool item that can be used to trap opponents and go faster. Now that you have all the information, the quest can begin.

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