Where to pre-order Gran Turismo 7 on PS4 and PS5?

The car simulation game Gran Turismo 7 will soon be released on PS4 and PS5. Where to pre-order it at the best price?

More than a month before the release of Gran Turismo 7 and Sony has finally decided to give us news of the game via its latest State of Play. The game is now available for pre-order on many reseller sites, starting with the PlayStation Store for the digital version. We take stock of the pre-orders available on Amazon, CDiscount and FNAC.

Before moving on to the different offers, be aware that some of these pre-orders give you access to exclusive bonuses, which we will detail for each reseller. See you on March 4th to receive your order.

Pre-order Gran Turismo 7 on Amazon:

Note that the Anniversary Edition is playable on PS4 and PS5 and contains the following items: 1,100,000 CR, Toyota GR Yaris, 30 PSN avatars, the official soundtrack.

All pre-orders contain a digital bonus to download which contains: a 3-car pack and 100,000 CR.

Pre-order Gran Turismo 7 on CDiscount:

Pre-order Gran Turismo 7 on FNAC:

On the FNAC, you have the possibility of having a key ring offered with the purchase of a pre-order. To redeem your offer, simply add the game (PS4 or PS5) to the cart along with the keychain. You also get the digital bonus containing a 3-car pack and 100,000 CR.

Simulation pushed to the max

Gran Turismo 7 will be more than 400 car models at your disposal, including 300 released after 2001, and 90 circuits to test their full power. All wrapped in graphics that push the limits of photorealism to give you sensations worthy of a real simulator.

On PS5, the experience is all the more immersive thanks to the DualSense features, including haptic feedback to feel the terrain under your wheels, and adaptive triggers to better feel the acceleration of your car.

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