which TV channel broadcasts this match in live streaming?

This Wednesday evening, September 14, the Maccabi Haifa PSG streaming match promises a good game. The players of the French capital aim to reassure themselves and consolidate their position as leader of their pool.

After winning against Juventus Turin in pain at home, the Paris Saint Germain players travel to Israel to face Maccabi Haifa. For this new group stage day, Maccabi Haifa PSG streaming will be one of the most viewed on the football planet.

This Wednesday from 9:00 p.m., you will be able to watch this match in HD streaming if you choose one of the TV channels which broadcasts the match live. To enjoy a high-quality video stream and comments that are just as good, we advise you to choose RMC Sport, which offers a formula at 19 euros per month. Otherwise, there is also Canal+ which includes the meeting in its pack at 25.99 euros per month.

Watch the match Haifa PSG live

Watch the match on Canal+

Whether RMC Sport or Canal+, the two TV channels broadcast Maccabi Haifa PSG in streaming and in HD. Both also offer a dematerialized version to watch online: whether via smartphone, computer or Smart TV. For those who do not have a TV connected at home, it is possible to connect it with an HDMI key like Google’s Chromecast or Amazon’s FireTV Stick. And in this case, it is also possible to see the match live.

Since the beginning of the year, PSG has shown a good face with an attacking trio in great shape. Kylian Mbappé and Neymar chain the goals and assists. If the goalkeeper has a little trouble adapting, he should take advantage of this match in the Champions League to give himself confidence and show who is the favourite. It would not be surprising to see the score switch very largely in favor of Christophe Galtier’s men.

Maccabi Haifa PSG: where can we see it?

If you want to stay quietly at home tonight and watch Maccabi Haifa PSG streaming, nothing better than a good TV channel. Rather than watching poor definition (and illegal) streaming on a site full of ads, you can take the plunge tonight. RMC Sport also offers a formula with no time commitment. It allows you to cancel whenever you want, and it costs 25 euros per month.

What is practical with TV channels like RMC Sport and Canal+ is that you can register in a few minutes. Even if you arrive late for the match, you can quickly open an account and follow the match without missing anything. This streaming between Maccabi Haifa PSG starts tonight at 9:00 p.m. PST, so it’s perfect for your night out.

In the Champions League pool, Maccabi Haifa vs PSG is a clash of extremes. On the one hand, we have a club that lost to Benfica 2-0 a few days ago. On the other, we have PSG who won against Juventus Turin 2 goals to 1. If the second period of the match was complicated for the French, the first was excellent. This Maccabi Haifa PSG streaming in HD should confirm us in the Parisian strategy.

What formula to take for the match?

In France, you only have two choices of TV channel to see Maccabi Haifa PSG in HD streaming this Wednesday. On one side, there is RMC Sport and on the other Canal+. RMC Sport offers a single formula and two others in association with beIN Sports. If you take the RMC Sport channel alone, you will only be entitled to the two best matches of each day. Inevitably, there is always the Parisian club in it.

If you take the RMC Sport – beIN Sports TV channel duo to see this Maccabi Haifa PSG match in streaming, you will also be entitled to all the European Cup matches. Without commitment, it will cost you 35 euros per month and with commitment, it costs you only 19 euros. If you want to enjoy the Champions League throughout the season, we recommend that you take out the one-year subscription. It will quickly become more relevant.

If now you want to go on Canal +, there is currently an interesting offer. It includes Canal+ and beIN Sports for 25.99 euros per month for one year, then 35.99 euros per month. It is a subscription that commits to 24 months (i.e. 2 years), you have to be prepared for it. This will allow you to see the Maccabi Haifa PSG match tonight in streaming on the TV channel, but also the next 2 years of the Champions League.

In any case, Canal+ will not allow you to take out a non-binding subscription. If you want a flexible TV channel for Maccabi Haifa PSG, you will have to go through RMC Sport. That said, this channel is more limited than Canal+ on the number of programs. With the Canal+ channel, you also have access to all the channels of the bouquet. And this, through a television or all the mobile media that we talked about earlier.

Whatever TV channel you use for Maccabi Haifa PSG this Wednesday evening, September 14, we can expect a very good match. The Parisian club is obliged to show that it is ready to go further in the competition. It wouldn’t be surprising to see a festival of goals: it will be a good opportunity to be amazed.

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