which web school to choose?

Are you looking for the best digital school? In France, there are many ways to train for web jobs. Below, we have produced a ranking with the major digital schools accessible in post-baccalaureate.

Despite the pandemic, the digital sector has been experiencing thunderous growth for a decade. Business demand for skilled labor is strong, bearing in mind that most of the professions and technologies that will matter tomorrow do not yet exist.

The opportunities are numerous, and the prospects are attractive for students from the best web and digital schools. A survey carried out in 2020 by Talents du Numérique affirms that 84.6% of Bac+5 graduates in the sector obtained a permanent contract at the end of their course. Even better, their annual gross salary amounted to 41,000 euros. Of these students, 70% signed their permanent contract even before obtaining their diploma.

Whether in Paris or in the regions, choosing the digital path offers guarantees and job prospects. However, there are many types of training (digital school, universities, bootcamps, etc.) that should be analyzed before taking the plunge. The most complicated thing is not to find a school but to choose the right training that will meet your professional expectations.

If you don’t know where to start, we invite you to consult the rankings and guides with the best digital schools. You can also consult the sites of the main establishments (as well as their brochure) to better understand the training. Finally, the various exhibitions also make it possible to meet the teaching staff and students to understand the different schools of the web.

Ranking of digital schools

In France, there are dozens of training courses that provide access to digital and web knowledge. Below, we have made a non-exhaustive list of the main players in this universe. Each has its own specificities: general web training, training by entrepreneurs, data school or developer training.

The top 10 of the best digital schools:

  1. HETIC
  2. Delta Business School
  3. IIM
  4. School 42
  5. futurae
  6. Sup de Web
  7. ESD
  8. EEMI
  9. Epitech Digital
  10. Digital Campus

You may know some of these players: École 42 was founded by Xavier Niel and trains IT developers throughout France; Delta Business School is a new school founded by high-level entrepreneurs that covers all digital media; HETIC is one of the references among post-baccalaureate engineering schools; etc

Focus on the top 3 digital schools

1) Delta Business School

Bachelor Delta Business School
The bachelor’s course © Delta Business School

The first return of Delta Business School will take place in January 2023. If you are still looking for post-baccalaureate training (or if you are starting your retraining), this is the perfect school to become independent and competent in a changing world. Founded and supervised by renowned entrepreneurs (including Thierry Petit, founder of Showroom Privé), the school offers a 360° vision of business.

Whether it is to create your startup, work in a very high-growth start-up or hold a key position in a more traditional company, Delta Business School gives you all the keys to becoming an evolving and flexible manager. His training revolves around four pillars: Product, Operations, Growth & Sales, Data. You will therefore have a general background that will allow you to understand all the professions of the future.

Delta Business School is a school that delivers a bachelor’s degree (3 years) and which accepts students from post-baccalaureate. It is located at the crossover between a business school (Business) and a digital schoolwith a Soft Skills dimension that makes it unique.

Website: Delta-business.school
Brochure: Download here


Because the world of digital and multimedia is constantly evolving, HETIC aims to “to train the best experts capable of anticipating these changes and adapting to react accordingly”. Regularly voted best web school (by Le Figaro), this school focuses on three distinct but complementary areas: web technologies, number creation and management. It does not offer a specific course.

HETIC scans all the components of the digital universe to offer opportunities in the web to its graduates: web developer, webdesigner, webmaster, webmarketing consultant, etc. By way of comparison, Delta Business School adds the business school dimension (with courses in finance, supply chain, etc.) to become more generalist.

With 20 years of experience, HETIC is an essential digital school in France. It has thousands of graduates who occupy key positions in more than 1,000 French companies. The establishment capitalizes on this network to facilitate hiring upon leaving.

Website: Hetic.net
Brochure: Download here

3) IIM (Leonardo de Vinci Pole)

IIM training
© I.I.M.

The Internet and Multimedia Institute (or IIM) is one of the oldest training centers for internet professions. Founded in 1995 and attached to the Leonard de Vinci center in La Défense (Paris), it was the first school dedicated to the “digital revolution”. The training, a Bachelor in 3 years, is based on a common core with then 5 possible specializations over two additional years: Digital Communication & e-business, Coding and Digital Innovation, Creation & Design, 3D Animation and Video Games.

The IIM is recognized as one of the best digital schools in terms of digital creation (graphic arts, communication, 3D animation cinema, video games, etc.) and its opportunities are numerous. The school is pleased to be the first school in the Coding Masters rankings, third in UX Design, Social Media, 3D Animation and Video Games.

Website: iim.fr

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