who has the best catalog?

Following the announcement of the new PlayStation Plus, here is a comparison between its catalog of games and that of Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass.

Yesterday, Sony surprised the entire video game industry by officially announcing the redesign of its PlayStation Plus service. The latter merges with PlayStation Now, and now offers a list of free access games… just like Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass. Which of the two therefore has the best catalogue, in terms of quantity and quality?

Xbox Game Pass: a cross-platform service

Already well established in the video game subscription market, the Xbox Game Pass is now considered the most advantageous service for gamers. One of its main assets is its catalog of more than 450 games, but also the possibility of enjoying them on many media. Indeed, with the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, subscribers can access their favorite titles on Xbox consoles, PC but also mobiles and tablets with the cloud, which Sony does not offer in its subscriptions.

In reality, the PlayStation Plus uses the cloud and streaming only to assert the backward compatibility of the oldest games, released on PlayStation, PS2, PS3 or even PSP. In the most expensive formula, players can also play in streaming but only on PC, and at a substantial price. The Xbox Game Pass is therefore probably the most suitable for multiplatform, which gives players total control over their catalog.

PlayStation Plus: quantity and large excluded above all

But Sony has more than one trick up its sleeve. Indeed, the shock argument of the firm is based on the quantity of titles available. If we compare the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate (€12.99 per month) to the PlayStation Plus Extra (€13.99 per month), the difference in terms of quantity is negligible: 460 games for Xbox and 400 for PlayStation. However, the PlayStation Plus Premium formula offers you the possibility of accessing more than 700 games, which makes it the largest catalog to date.

If we do not yet know in detail the games that will be offered, Sony nevertheless cites a few franchises that make us eye: Death Stranding, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Mortal Kombat 11 and Returnal. Indeed, Sony is playing on its biggest strength: first-party exclusives. The firm has been developing strong brands for years, mainly in the AAA market. It goes without saying that this major asset will largely play in favor of PlayStation Plus.

Does PlayStation intend to offer its games from the day of their release?

Having games is good, being able to enjoy them is better. This is why the question of the availability of games in the catalog is extremely important. It was already one of the big weak points of PlayStation Now, and Sony obviously does not intend to fix it. In an interview, Jim Ryan explained that PlayStation Plus will not include first-party games from the day they are released, as is the case with Xbox Game Pass. He declares :

As you know, this is not a route we have taken in the past. And that’s not a path we’re going to take with this new service.

According to him, this would have a strong impact on the quality of AAA in the future, and on the relationship between PlayStation and its studios. This is why he explains:

We feel like we’re in a good virtuous cycle with studios, where investment brings success, which allows even more investment, which brings even more success. We believe that if we were to do this with the games we make at PlayStation Studios, this virtuous cycle would be broken. The level of investment we need in our studios would not be possible, and we believe that the contagion effect on the quality of the games we produce would not be what gamers want.

Microsoft therefore remains the master in this area, offering all its first-party AAA games like those of the program [email protected] the day they are released in the Xbox Game Pass catalog. A major argument that delights all subscribers to the service today, and which risks weighing in the balance when the time comes.

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