Who to replace Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher?

Amazon Prime Video unveils the trailer for its Jack Reacher series. Alan Ritchson takes over from Tom Cruise.

Action series are popular on Amazon Prime Video. After having adapted the novels of Tom Clancy for his series Jack Ryan, the SVOD platform is interested in another Jack. The firm founded by Jeff Bezos will bring to the screen the adventures of Jack Reacher, a character imagined by Lee Child in 1997 with From the bottom of the abyss. This is not the first time that the literary series has been brought to the screen, two parts had been produced by Paramount Pictures in 2012 and 2016. It was Tom Cruise who played the main character.

On YouTube, the platform has just posted a new muscular trailer of its series scheduled for the February 4, 2022. We discover Alan Ritchson in the skin of a former American army who roams the country to carry out perilous investigations and survive thanks to these small jobs. Solitary, cold but efficient, Jack Reacher is haunted by a dark past from which he will have to detach himself.


Unlike the film saga, this new adaptation seems to have taken on a definitely lighter tone. It will be for this first season to adapt the first volume of the literary saga. Thus, Jack Reacher will cross the road of Finlay and Roscoe, two policemen and policewomen who will help him to dismantle a mafia system which has corrupted a small town in Georgia. Together, they will have to go up the chain of a gigantic network of counterfeiters.

Both roles were entrusted to Malcom Goodwin and Willa Fitzgerald. Jack Reacher will be camped as we said above by Alan Ritchson, who we saw among others in the series Titans as well as in the saga Hunger games. Just as physical as Tom Cruise in his game, the actor has a major advantage to embody this colossus of novels. He measures no less than 1.88 m, a few centimeters shorter than the protagonist imagined by Lee Child.

It remains to be seen if his performance will be up to the challenge and if fans of the novels will find what they are looking for. The productions of the genre are rather popular among subscribers Prime Video, who have already greatly appreciated Jack Ryan as well as Hanna.

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