why and how to install macOS on PC

Installing macOS on a PC is very difficult, but it is possible. Obviously, because of the barriers imposed by Apple, you have to choose your equipment carefully. So, why and how to install macOS on your PC?


What does Hackintosh mean? The term is a neologism that brings together the words ” hack ” and ” Macintosh », Name of the first all-in-one computer from Apple, released in 1984. It is simply the fact install macOS on a PC, and therefore, on a machine that is not normally supposed to run it.

The advantage of this method is that it is possible either to transform the PC you already have into a Mac, or build one at a lower cost. In any case, it hurts the wallet much less than going to the Apple Store checkout. Obviously, the frame of your machine will be plastic and not anodized aluminum. Nothing is perfect.

Why choose macOS and do a hackintosh?

If it’s all a matter of taste, macOS is still a great operating system to consider. Above all because he takes advantage a simple, clean, streamlined and easy-to-use interface. The entire system is intuitive : The Dock offers immediate access to shortcuts and common applications, the menu bar at the top provides one-click access to software options, etc.

macOS also has the excellent software suite Xcode, which contains everything you need to create beautiful iOS apps, among other things. In the same way, the applications catalog Apple is extremely large.

Another element to take into consideration, the updates of the system itself are entirely free (macOS Monterey, the latest OS, is 100% free). Finally, Apple promises better management of your private data than Microsoft: you will not be tracked as much as under Windows.

On the other hand, the Windows operating system is much better for video games due to better hardware support and more developer support, while macOS is still struggling to catch up. The same goes for the multiplicity of applications and configuration options. Overall, Windows is more customizable than macOS.

What configuration requirements for a hackintosh?

You cannot install macOS on just any machine. In all cases, you need a recent motherboard with a certain architecture. AMD and other architectures, go your way. As for graphics cards, find out here which ones are compatible with Macs. Because from now on, all your equipment will have to be compatible with this system.

Donate our article to help you build your PC on your own, we give you some tips to get you started. The easiest is obviously to imitate the configuration of iMac or Mac mini with identical components or from the same family. The whole thing should come back to you at a fraction of the price of a Mac made in Apple, that goes without saying.

You can find a complete guide to compatible components at this address.

What are the prerequisites for installing hackintosh?

There are many prerequisites for installing hackintosh. This is not an easy operation and we would recommend it to the more experienced among you overall. Here is the list of prerequisites using the PassTech website help.

  • A Mac for creating a bootable USB key (or a preinstalled USB key, € 30 at PassTech).
  • A blank USB key of at least 8 GB (if you do not have a preinstalled USB key).
  • A copy of macOS previously downloaded from the App Store (if you don’t have a preinstalled USB drive).
  • Unibeast and Multibeast software (which will depend on your version of macOS) available on the Tonymacx86 site
  • Your Mac’s language in English, otherwise Unibeast software will not work.
  • A compatible computer that will host macOS.

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How to install hackintosh?

Everything is ready ? Follow the guide.

  • Start by downloading Unibeast from the following address.
  • Open the Mac App Store on the Mac and download macOS High Sierra. Once the app is downloaded, it will appear in your Applications folder.
  • Format your USB key. You can use our guide to format a hard drive for this. The format must be macOS Extended (case insensitive, journaled).
  • Open Unibeast.


  • Follow the instructions of the installer.
  • When Unibeast ask you, choose UEFI (we assume that you are trying this hack on a recent PC, otherwise choose Legacy).
  • Let Unibeast do its stuff on your USB drive, it may take over an hour.
  • Insert the USB key created with Unibeast and restart the computer – the installer opens.
  • Go to Tools> Disk Utility and format your hard drive as macOS Extended (case insensitive, journaled).
  • You can start the installation.

Then start your computer on which you want to install macOS, press and hold Del or Delete to start in the BIOS.

If your system supports them, disable IO Serial Port, VT-d, CFG-Lock, Secure Boot Mode. Put the operating system (OS Type) on Other OS. Set XHCI Handoff to Enabled. Save and exit.

Then turn on your computer and keep pressed F12 for Gigabyte, F8 for Asus and F11 for Asrock cards. Choose your USB key, then choose Boot OS X Install from Install macOS High Sierra.

Boot OS X Install from Install macOS High Sierra (

Once on the installer, select your language, click on Utilities (top left in the bar) and Disk Utility. Select the drive you want to install macOS on (your SSD) in the left column, then select Wipe off. Follow the steps.

You are almost at the end. Keep pressing F12 for Gigabyte, F8 for Asus and F11 for Asrock cards, choose your USB key, your disk and finish the installation. Open and launch Multibeast present on your USB key. Click on Quick Start and UEFI Boot Mode. Download all your drivers here and Nvidia drivers here (AMD cards are natively supported). Click on Print and Save to save your configuration then on Build and Install.

After following all the steps, you should be able to finalize the installation. You can enjoy your Hackintosh just like any other Mac. Some configurations may be more capricious than others (Wi-Fi will not work, neither will Bluetooth, it will not start, etc.).

If you have problems installing a hackintosh, take a look at the PassTech site which is full of useful information. Finally, the only thing we can tell you is good luck in this long and complex adventure, nevertheless satisfying if you make it to the end!

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