why cars must now be equipped with a black box?

Since Monday, May 2, 2022, car manufacturers have been required to equip their new cars intended for the European market with a black box.

Coming into force this Monday, May 2, 2022, car manufacturers will soon have to integrate a black box into all their new vehicle models intended for the European market. Second-hand vehicles will also be affected in a second phase.

This obligation validates a text voted in 2019 in the European Parliament, which hopes reduce the number of road deaths by 20%. Objective: to deter bad behavior, but also to better understand the course of an accident. This device must in particular make it possible to record all the driving parameters, such as speed, braking, engine speed, or even wearing a seat belt, and the use (or not) of the turn signal. The force of the collision in the event of an impact can also be recorded.

Mandatory on all European vehicles

Coming into force on Monday, the text will have to be applied from next July. This small box presented in the form of an electronic chip will be mandatory on all new vehicles sold new. By 2024, second-hand vehicles will also have to comply with this obligationfor an additional cost of around €100, the manufacturers estimate.

As you will have understood, the idea is not so much to prevent or prevent accidents, but rather to better understand their reasons. Questioned by our colleagues from Progress, Pierre Chasseray, general delegate of 40 million motorists, nevertheless denounces the uselessness of the device for risky behavior such as using the telephone while driving (yet responsible for 10% of fatal accidents), drowsiness (10 % to 15%) or the refusal of priority (16%).

Soon a breathalyzer at start-up

To note that only the competent authorities will be authorized to access the data of the black box. Unlike the devices found in airplanes, no conversations or personal data about the driver and his passengers will be recorded. By this summer, all new models will also have to be equipped with an interface allowing the installation of several additional devices, such as start-up breathalyzers, drowsiness alert solutions, as well as a monitoring program for the pressure tires.

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