Why Cult of the Lamb is our game of the summer (and of the year)

Yes, for us Cult of the Lamb is even stronger than Elden Ring, and even surpasses it in our ranking of games of the year 2022. Who says better?

No, the GOTY 2022 is not Elden Ringit is Cult of the Lamb. This little game released discreetly (or not) in August has made its way to our hearts in no time, and we now think that all the attention paid to it deserves to be even more important. Why ? Just because Cult of the Lamb is a little spark bomb that deserves its place among the best games of the year. We explain to you.

cult of the lamb test
Credits: Devolver Digital

The Lord of the Lambs

If we had to sum up Cult of the Lamb in just one sentence, it sounds like an ultra-dynamic game that expertly blends two very different, yet complementary, gameplay systems. To put the context, you play as a lamb, who sees himself enlisted overnight in a mystical quest, pushing him to create his own sect in veneration of a demon. He must then travel the lands of the old faith, fight his enemies and recruit lost souls.

You then enter a game mode dungeon crawlerwith procedurally created levelswhich have nothing to envy to The Binding of Isaac. Same very dark atmosphere, same dynamism, but 20 times more fun. We are surprised to appreciate each new room as well as the enemies it has to offer. We sometimes come across opponents who are a little tougher from time to time, or on allied characters who sometimes offer us very useful boosts.

All wrapped up in an ultra-dynamic package that will keep us coming back for more action. So yes, the scheme can be considered quite linear – in the end, you only have to chain the “pieces” to reach a boss barely harder than the enemies just before – but the game also lets you choose the path your adventure will take. Will you save another soul, go for resources, or go directly to fight the boss?

test cult of the lamb design
Credits: Devolver Digital

In Hannibal Crossing mode

But all these fights, it’s tiring, and you have to think about going home. At the end of each dungeon, you are transported directly to your camp, where your new followers patiently await you. Here, time flies and things evolve, for good or bad. If you liked giving names to all your followers and choosing the color of their coat, then you have to take care of them by assigning them tasks, feeding them and offering them a purpose.

For that, nothing like a little brainwashing with well-rehearsed dogmas and ready-made satanist formulas. Sharing the faith in your sect is a crucial point that will allow you to improve relations with your followers and thus choose what type of leader you want to be. Again, the choice is totally yours, and you can decide to hold your home with strength and fear, or with love and devotion.

Unlike dungeons, camp life is much calmer and calmer, and more like a management and simulation game à la Don’t Starve with a rhythm as leisurely as if we were playing Animal Crossing. The mechanics are easy to learn because they are very simplistic, and this is an aspect that has the merit of temporizing the overall experience, while bringing that cute side that we love so much.

cult of the lamb gameplay test
Credits: Devolver Digital

A diabolically efficient universe

The trick is to manage to bring these two radically different atmospheres together. For example, you will have to be careful with the stomachs of your faithful before going on a crusade, or even ensure that none of them start a mutiny, otherwise the return home risks being more tense than intended. Of course, everything you do at your camp can serve you once in battle by unlocking very useful skills, sometimes temporary sometimes permanent.

And how not to mention the graphic universe of the game? Cult of the Lamb is a compendium of cuteness in its purest form, covered with a good dose of blood for color. The design alone should make more than one crack, especially when you taste his catchy music for the first time.

If you ask us, it’s a far cry from the epic and insanely difficult boss battles ofElden Ring or its lifespan, but that’s not what we like in Cult of the Lamb. No, it’s above all its ability to adapt to different types of players with two very different but equally entertaining gameplays. No astronomical budget, no stunning photorealism, and even less storytelling worthy of an epic. Cult of the Lamb is not reserved for the elite, it is a simple and effective gameand yet so original that it will remain engraved as our nugget of the year 2022.

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