why did this cult film disappear?

Avatar has just disappeared from the Disney+ catalog. But where did James Cameron’s film go?

The return to Pandora is coming very soon! The film directed by James Cameron and released in 2009 finally has its sequel, the first of a long list that includes four. It is in December that the director will reopen the doors of his phantasmagorical universe. But before, many are those who will refresh their memory by reviewing the first adventures of Jake Sully and Neytiri. Unfortunately for them, he disappeared from Disney+ very recently.

While it was often highlighted by the platform’s algorithm, it seems to have been removed from the SVOD offer. Too bad, after thirteen years of waiting, a booster shot wouldn’t be too much. Has the platform lost the broadcasting rights? Rest assured, Disney still owns the license.

A promotional campaign

Since the next september 23, Avatar will make its big comeback in cinema. Three months before the release of the second film, cinemas around the world will welcome the release of the first part. This release comes with some technical improvements. The remastered version will be even more realistic, promised the filmmaker at Comic-Con in San Diego. He explains having “set out once again to push the boundaries of what cinema can do.”

To finance this refurbishment, Disney must fit into its budget and earn enough revenue. Given the success of the first film across the globe, the studios should have no trouble getting it done. On the other hand, Disney+ would have represented unnecessary competition for cinemas. It is therefore better for the firm to put it aside the time to make its butter.

A return soon

Rest assured, Avatar will not stay on the sidelines forever. Disney+ will no doubt add it again, after the release ofAvatar: The Waterway in theaters. As a reminder, the appointment is fixed at next December 14. In the casting, we will find Zoe Saldana and Sam Worthington in the skin of the two main characters. Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang will also be back, despite the death of their respective characters. We do not yet know by what scriptwriting miracle they joined the project.

In this new chapter, Jake and Neytiri have become parents. About ten years after the events of the first film, their idyllic life is threatened when a dangerous non-governmental organization returns to Pandora. Forced to leave their natural habitat, Jake and his family go to the reefs, where they think they will find asylum. But he comes across a clan, the Metkayina, with customs different from theirs…

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