why does Facebook want to open stores?

Mark Zuckerberg’s firm wants to invest in shopping centers around the world, to promote its Metaverse.

A few days ago, Facebook announced an important shift in its history. The company founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 is getting a makeover and changing its name, no doubt with the idea of ​​moving away from the various scandals that tarnish its reputation. Now called Meta, the firm is focusing on a large-scale project: a social network based on virtual reality. This open space, in which users will be able to roam, work and discuss freely, is one of the major projects of the Menlo Park company, which intends to put all the chances on its side to make it a real success.

Presented briefly during the Meta formalization conference, the tool plans to register in the same niche as Second life, the life simulation game popularized in the 2000s.

Meet the users

Facebook’s new strategy, according to The New York Times, is pretty straightforward. To make his Metaverse part of our daily life, he must invite himself into… reality; rather contradictory for a virtual network. This will obviously involve the creation of shops all over the globe. It will thus be a question of presenting the products of its subsidiary Oculus, which works in collaboration with Facebook on Metaverse. The firm therefore kills two birds with one stone, on the one hand it probably hopes to sell more virtual reality headsets, on the other it wants to promote its new tool.

However, in the past, the digital giants who wanted to invest in shopping centers around the world have not always met with success. Microsoft was forced to close all its stores worldwide in June 2020, following the health crisis and the various lockdowns, but above all because of a flagrant lack of customers. The strategy inspired by Apple did not find its audience. Facebook can at least count on the appeal of novelty to encourage visitors to come and walk between its shelves and discover this new tool for themselves.

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