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why Five doesn’t have a name?

All members of the Umbrella Academy inherited a name after being adopted by Hargreeves. Except Number Five.

Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy arrives June 22, 2022 on Netflix. The opportunity to find the whole gang back in the present, when they have to face the enigmatic Sparrow Academy in a world parallel to theirs.

Before this third salvo of episodes which promises to restore the image of the red N a little more, we are interested this time in the character of Number Five, played by actor Aidan Gallagher. Unlike all of his siblings who inherited a name, Five is the only one of his siblings to keep only his number for his surname. An exception that has fueled many theories on social networks.

In the series, several theories exist

To justify the absence of Five’s name in the series, we must turn to the side of unofficial theories. For showrunner Steve Blackman, the situation is due to the fact that Five simply never managed to choose a username as a child. For his part, the creator of the saga Gerard Way estimated in an interview with the magazine AltPress that the character played by Aidan Gallagher had kept his number as a rebellion against the authority of Sir Reginald Hargreeves.

Indeed since their birth, the members of the Umbrella Academy have always been opposed to each other in a fraternal competition for the less unhealthy. The numeric naming system is by no means innocent, since it allowed Hargreeves to rank the children from best to weakest. While some like Diego and Luther took this ranking very seriously, Five never seemed to be really interested in it, to the point of keeping his number rather than opting for a first name, believes Gerard Way, even though he was rather badly positioned on the scale of favorite children.

The answer is in the comics

To understand the difference in treatment between Five and the rest of his siblings, you actually have to go back to the original comics created by Gerard Way and Gabriel Moon. As we know, the Netflix series takes many liberties with the original comic book. One detail in particular, which was not included in Steve Blackman’s show, could thus explain the fact that Five does not have a name.

In the comics, Grace the adoptive mother of the children offers them a name while Five has already traveled through time. The fifth offspring Hargreeves does not have the opportunity to receive his first name, and retains his initial number. An explanation that does not fit on the small screen: in the Netflix series, Five performs his time jump at 13 years old, 9 years after the arrival of the nurturing robot in their lives. In almost a decade, Grace would therefore have had plenty of time to rename it.

It is therefore difficult to justify the absence of the name of Five in the Netflix series without going through the comics box. One thing is certain, the character should not dig up a nickname anytime soon. It remains to be seen how the Five will evolve in the third burst of episodes which will be broadcast from June 22 on the SVOD platform.

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