why his arrival in the MCU will be a problem in France

Kevin Feige has good news for Daredevil fans. The character will join the MCU and he will be played by Charlie Cox.

It’s a blessed day for fans of Daredevil. After years of radio silence, the devil of Hell’s Kitchen is talking about him again. It’s Kevin Feige who gives us the news of the character played by Charlie Cox on Netflix. During an interview for CinemaBlend, Marvel’s big boss has half-heartedly confirmed Matt Murdock’s return to our screens.

As a reminder, Charlie Cox played the hero of the series Daredevil for Netflix, before Disney started making its own series. But the launch of the SVOD offer forced the red N to abandon its Marvel universe, which is now found on the platform of the firm with big ears. However, the series already produced and broadcast are still available on the streaming platform and have not joined the Disney catalog.

Since this abandonment, in 2018, fans have wondered what sauce the Defenders would be eaten. Kevin Feige confirms that the characters will always be played by the same actors, at least for the character of Daredevil.

“If you were to see Daredevil in one of the next movies, yes the actor would still be Charlie Cox. Where, when, and how we will see him again remains to be seen ”.

It is rumored that the character could be in the cast of Spider-Man: No Way Home. He could come to the aid of Peter Parker, as his true identity was revealed by Quentin Beck.

A major problem for the French version

Since 1987 Bernard Gabay lends his voice to Robert Downey Jr. The dubbing actor played him in Snow in Kiss kiss bang bang and Zodiac. In 2008, his passages behind the microphone became more recurrent, whileIron man lands on our screens and that the character emerges as the figurehead of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But this is not the only superhero he has had the opportunity to double in his career. You will understand, he also lent his voice to Charlie Cox in the series Daredevil. Even if Iron man Logically will no longer appear in an MCU film, fans might find it difficult to find the mythical French voice in the skin of another character. Daredevil will have to resolve to change his voice.

It remains to wait for the December 15th, and the exit of Spider-Man: No Way Home, to see if Daredevil will point the tip of his nose and if he will keep his French voice. He could also make a small appearance in the Hawkeye series, if we are to believe the many clues about the presence of the Kingpin.

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