Why is Logitech’s “unisex” range a problem?

The new Aurora range from Logitech wants to accommodate a wide range of players, but not at any price.

Say goodbye to black and gray keyboards and sparkle your gaming setup with the Aurora collection from Logitech. But be careful, you have to be ready to pay the price… The device manufacturer tries to attract new customers with more inclusive accessories both by their colors and their design adapted to different morphologies.

Keyboards, mice and headsets are fully customizable so that everyone can wear an accessory that suits them. While the basic models all come in white, it is possible to change parts of them with brightly colored add-ons. Flashy green and salmon pink help tone your desk with some rather unusual hues for these types of devices. But then, why this range “for everyone” displays such high prices ?

An unfair and misogynistic tax

In the world of marketing, there is an invisible yet very real tax that comes at a cost to women. What is called “the pink tax“it’s this principle of selling the version more expensive”feminine” of a given product. Hygiene products, through clothing and other everyday objects: everything goes there. And as surprising as it is for a range of accessories intended to be gender-neutral and inclusive, Logitech’s Aurora products still suffer from this strange marketing practice.

However “made for everyone”, the highlight of this collection loses all its meaning if you have to pay even more to afford an object that is supposed to be “neutral”. The white and bright colors as well as the rounded and cute design of these devices are obviously enough to justify this unfair tax. Ultimately, it’s playing on the cliché that colorful accessories are for more feminine people. But can the few accommodations made in terms of design explain these surprising prices?

Efforts present but insufficient

While the manufacturer has been diversifying its product offering a lot for a few years now, the latest ones are offered at very high prices with the only justification for a few rather light accommodations. Far from the Xbox controller adapted to players with disabilities, this range “inclusive” offers a headset for small heads wearing earrings and glasses, as well as a keyboard and mouse suitable for users with small hands.

Logitech Aurora color accessories
© Logitech

While it’s nice to find peripherals that think of a minority of gamers, that’s still not enough to offer them at premium prices. The G735 headset still costs €229 followed by keyboards at €199 or €169 depending on the connector chosen to finish on a wireless mouse at €99.99. It is therefore necessary to pay a total of 696€ for the complete collection, knowing that the colors are extra. A gaming comfort that wants to be inclusive is it really if it costs an arm? Logitech’s new offer is interesting in addition to being a first step towards more varied gaming accessories, but the manufacturer misses the mark of inclusivity by playing in the shots.

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