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why is the game inaccessible? Explanations

As of yesterday, Gran Turismo 7 is completely inaccessible. What are the reasons and when will the problem be solved?

Released on March 4, Gran Turismo 7 is the latest in a line of driving simulation games. But here, while the title grants itself the favors of the critics, and that the players seem to spend excellent moments there, it is unplayable since yesterday. Players around the world are no longer able to access either single-player or online mode. What’s going on ?

A first outing for GT7

Just 24 hours ago, Polyphony Digital released an update for the title, aimed at fixing some bugs, but above all at removing the music at certain points in the game to avoid any copyright issues during replays. If it is normally a trivial operation, version 1.07 has however put a lot of spokes in the wheels of the studio.

Indeed, on Twitter, the firm declares that the update of Gran Turismo 7 caused more problems than it solved and therefore forced the studio to establish emergency maintenance. In its message Polyphony Digital explains: “Due to an issue discovered in the 1.07 update, we will be extending the server maintenance period. We will let everyone know as soon as possible when this period is likely to end..”

Maintenance primarily affects all the network functionalities of Gran Turismo 7, and therefore prevents access to many game modes, including the single player mode which also requires a connection to the server. Players are therefore completely blocked, and can no longer play the title until the problem is resolved.

In this regard, the studio did not provide details about the issue encountered during the deployment of update 1.07 and did not give a deadline for its treatment. If this is not the only game to be in this case, it is still a blow for the studio and for the players, who cannot catch up on any game mode without connection.

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