Why pair up when you can play NieR: Automata?

This woman admits to having advertised Nier: Automata on Tinder, before completely ignoring her suitors. Bizarre as a flirting technique.

On Tinder, one of the most popular dating apps on the market, everyone has their own technique to break the ice. Some ask unusual questions, others go straight to the heart of the matter, while still others… promote a video game released in 2017. This is the technique chosen by Jen, who by suite has fun ghosting (understand ignoring) its interlocutors.

This is Kotaku which relays this unusual story to us, which takes hostage an incredible game, whose popularity has been on the rise for a few weeks. Jen is indeed a huge fan of NieR: Automata and intends to ensure that the world follows her in her passion.

She says on Twitter that she had made a habit of “to roam Tinder and get guys to buy NieR Automata and then ghost them. I think my count was at 22 people when I stopped doing this. I never said I would sleep with them, I just talked about them a lot and recommended the game. Plus, high sales mean more games designed by Taro.”

It was therefore the strategy of the young woman: enroll more players so that the studio produces even more titles of the same genre. Designed by Yoko Taro, NieR: Automata is a hit that has not gone unnoticed by many gamers and has visibly marked Jen. This is a game particularly known for its gripping storytelling and unexpected twists and turns. If you don’t know it, we strongly recommend that you get started.

However, we do not recommend Jen’s unusual technique to promote your favorite games, especially on dating apps. In her defense, the young woman still claims that this story happened several years ago.

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