Why streamer Ludwig is leaving Twitch for Youtube?

Celebrity streamer Ludwig announces he wants to leave Twitch for Youtube in a hilarious and meaningful video.

Twitch’s golden boy has said his farewell to the platform after many years of streaming and good times. Ludwig Ahgren just posted a video on Twitter that at first glance might seem strange, but which comes with unexpected news from the streamer. It leaves Twitch for one of its main competitors, namely Youtube.

In the video, the streamer is seen driving a purple car that obviously represents Twitch. Inside Ludwig has a good time until finally the car explodes. So, in the parking lot, the streamer turns to a brand new red car that represents Youtube, in which he decides to get on to continue his adventures. At the end of the video, he does not fail to gently tackle Twitch by announcing that he would not have a copyright problem playing music on Youtube unlike Twitch.

The undisputed king of the subathon

If the name of Ludwig Ahgren is not unknown to you, it may be thanks to his subathon which lasted a whole month. By the end of it, the streamer had managed to break the subscription record of 283,066. He is the content creator who made the most money on Twitch during that time. And yet, the break does not seem to have happened on good terms.

In a video posted on Youtube, the streamer announces the different reasons that pushed him to leave his favorite platform, the one associated with his name and his identity forever. Several reasons are then evoked: a lack of reciprocity and unsuccessful negotiations. He thus declares: ” i love Twitch. I really like. But Youtube made more sense to me “.

He explains that during the negotiations, the contracts offered by Twitch and Youtube were very similar, which in the first place led him to continue with Twitch. However, Youtube showed the strength of its motivation to recover the streamer by offering him more money for less hours worked, as well as better conditions of creation. Twitch, on the other hand, never showed the slightest sign of attachment to the creator, even though he was one of the pillars for the company.

On Twitter, Ludwig’s fans support him almost 100%, and also denounce the treatment of Twitch vis-à-vis his golden boy, who seems to be akin to ingratitude. The streamer is not the only one to have left the platform, and he succeeds DrLupo or TimTheTatMan who have also turned to Youtube.

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