why the end of account sharing is not bad news for everyone?

The end of account sharing will not only help Netflix’s finances.

For a few days now, the end of Netflix account sharing has been worrying users of the platform. It must be said that the practice constitutes a big loss of earnings for the company: according to the latest estimates, nearly 100 million customers would not pay their subscription at the right price. After threatening to act for a long time, the Red N has finally made a historic decision. In some test countries in South America, account sharing will now be chargeable.

Depending on the different IPs registered, it will be necessary to pay a small supplement, at the rate of $3 per month. The owner of the account will also be able to access additional settings, which will allow him in particular to manage the authorized households. Thanks to this maneuver which should soon be deployed internationally, the SVOD giant hopes to raise an additional 1.6 billion dollars each year. A great promise for Netflix, which is struggling to cope with the progress of the competition, and has been recording declining scores for several months already.

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Why isn’t this bad news for everyone?

Obviously, this decision on the part of Netflix annoys. For many, account sharing billing is just another way for the platform to keep its boat afloat, by discreetly increasing the price of its subscriptions. However, there is a category of users who are likely to rejoice in the news: those who pay full price all year round.

With the exception of Netflix, everyone will agree that account sharing is a good thing. At a time when SVOD services are multiplying, this allows many users to enjoy the latest series without having to spend an astronomical sum every month. But let’s be honest: today many confuse sharing with squatting.

Whether it’s your parents, your siblings or a family member born before the shame, some consider that since you already pay for a subscription, the rest of the family can also enjoy it for free. For many, Netflix subscription becomes a family obligationimpossible to terminate under penalty of alienating some of his relatives.

Except here, Netflix is ​​expensive. Since its launch, the SVOD offer has increased by more than 50%. Remember that in 2014, the price of subscriptions varied between €7.99 (1 SD screen) to €11.99 (4 HD screens). Today, it takes a minimum of €8.99 (1 SD screen), and up to €17.99 per month for 4 simultaneous screens in 4K. A cheaper ad-based deal could be coming to Europe in a few months, but for now the red N is a hefty monthly budget.

The end of sharing does not only help Netflix’s finances

For a Netflix Premium subscription, it will cost €17.99, to which an additional €3 will be added to activate the account sharing option. It’s a safe bet that faced with such an increase, many will prefer to stop the costs, in stopping account sharing and downgrading their subscription premium for a more affordable package. If you’ve never been able to tell your loved ones that it’s time to help with the subscription costs, Netflix may have found the perfect excuse for you. Enough to save more than ten euros if you decide to deny your whole family to save your wallet.

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