Why Waze and Coyote will no longer be able to display law enforcement reports (in certain special cases)

As of November 1, motorists who use reporting apps like Waze or Coyote will no longer necessarily see law enforcement under very specific circumstances.

This is the concrete result of a decree dating back to the month of April: driving assistance applications will have to suppress police reports on the road in certain very specific cases and, in all cases, this does not prevent motorists from signaling the presence of the police, as explained BFM TV.

White areas limited in time

The prefect or the Minister of the Interior may temporarily prohibit applications such as Waze or Coyote from displaying reports of the presence of law enforcement in a white area. The radius of this zone will not exceed 2 kilometers in built-up areas, and 10 kilometers outside built-up areas. Only departmental and municipal roads are concerned, and the duration of the reporting ban may not go beyond two hours.

These prohibitions will be decided in the cases of people wanted following a terrorist attack, kidnapping, alcohol control or narcotics. Speed ​​controls (with binoculars) are not affected by this measure. As we can see, the white zone procedure is very limited, limited in time and in its radius of action. In addition, motorists will not be informed of the activation of the measure.

Therefore, they will be able to continue to report the presence of law enforcement on the road, but the application will not be able to display it to users, until the white area is lifted. The Interior Ministry said that “ users will be able to continue to report the presence of the police, without a penalty being incurred, but the information will not be passed on to the community of users of these devices “. No risk of being found in violation, therefore.

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