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If you consider that you are paying too much for your internet box, here are two very advantageous solutions. If your box offers a too limited flow, here are two very advantageous solutions. We tell you everything.

While Black Friday ended this week, some vendors have decided to continue the discounts throughout the weekend. The Internet boxes of RED by SFR and SFR are in the spotlight, you have the opportunity to make colossal savings just before the end of the year celebrations.

See the RED by SFR offer

The Internet boxes of RED by SFR and SFR are different: the first is without obligation while the second especially offers a very advantageous price (during the first year). In both cases, you must be a “new” customer with the ISP you are interested in to benefit from the current discounts.

Also remember to check your eligibility for Fiber, you can do it in a few seconds from the two official sites by entering your home address before choosing your next Internet box. Otherwise, the whole procedure is simple regardless of the internet service provider, you will not need more than ten minutes to make the transition online.

RED by SFR, a no-obligation Internet box

If you are looking for an Internet box with no long-term commitment, RED by SFR has the solution. This weekend, it further improves the value for money of its unique formula with an excellent immediate discount. Please note, because this offer ends on December 6 at midnight, you must remember to take advantage of it immediately to be entitled to this reduced rate.

In detail, this Internet box falls to 25 euros per month for fiber with very high speed (1 Gb / s for downloading and 500 Mb / s for sending) with unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles. Suffice to say that it’s a great deal for such a comprehensive offer.

To find out more about the RED by SFR Internet box, it’s here:

See the RED by SFR offer

Excluding promotion, this Internet box costs 40 euros per month, it is currently only 25 euros per month. Thus, you make immediate savings of -37% with this special offer. In addition, it should be noted immediately that the price of this formula is not intended to double or triple after the first year.

This Internet box is a unique offer, but it comes with optional options to suit as many people as possible. For TV, you have to take the decoder at 19 euros, it is a single payment which does not necessarily impact the monthly price of this offer. In fact, you have a choice of 35 channels or 100 channels. In the first case, the subscription remains at 25 euros per month, where it increases to 27 euros per month for 100 TV channels – which is still very suitable.

As a reminder, this offer on the RED by SFR Internet box ends on December 6, so you only have a few days to qualify. Do not miss this opportunity to save money as the holiday season approaches, you are reducing the amount of a capital expense item.

SFR, a box at a low price for Fiber

For its part, SFR presents itself as a more traditional supplier. It offers a full range of formulas with a long-term commitment, it is the first which is proving to be the most relevant this weekend. Once again, you have to think about choosing this offer now to prevent its price from going back to its original price.

This weekend, this Internet box is priced at 16 euros per month for very high speed fiber (500 Mb / s for downloading and sending), unlimited calls to landlines in France and 160 TV channels with a decoder . This is excellent value for money for an offer of this quality.

To see the SFR Internet box, it’s here:

See SFR’s offer

Usually, this Internet box costs 38 euros per month, which means that you save more than 250 euros in the first year. Moreover, the current price is provided by SFR throughout the first year then it drops to 38 euros. This amount remains relevant to the quality of this formula, knowing that competitors offer more expensive subscriptions for higher amounts.

SFR can also count on the speed of flow of its Internet box. The latter goes up to 500 Mb / s in sending and downloading. In comparison, the competition is limited to 300 Ms / s or 400 Mb / s for similar offers. On the other hand, the supplier is also advancing other subscriptions that offer even higher performance, such as the Power 8 offer with the SFR Box 8 which goes up to 2 Gb / s for download and 500 Mb. / s sending.

Regardless of the Internet box, SFR can cover up to 100 euros in cancellation fees if you take one of its formulas. Suffice to say that this allows you to make a smooth transition to your next subscription.

Note that SFR is also honoring a special offer that includes the PS5 and the SFR Power Internet box. This one-off operation is not intended to last either, it ended in just a few days when the supplier unveiled such a formula the last time. If you are interested, do not wait any longer to secure the famous game console before the holidays, we know how difficult it remains to find.

See SFR’s offer with the PS5

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