Wi-Fi 7 could be as fast as Thunderbolt 3

Transfer technologies are evolving so fast that the next Wi-Fi standard could reach the speed of Thunderolt 3, around 40 Gbps.

The 6th generation of the Wi-Fi standard is now widespread on the market, and today it can be found even on relatively affordable equipment. The home networks of Mr. and Mrs. Everybody have never been so efficient. But companies are still looking to the future and are already preparing for the arrival of the future Wi-Fi 7, which promises phenomenal transfer speeds.

Wi-FI 6, which corresponds to the current standard, is theoretically capable of reaching 9.6 Gbps. A very honorable speed, and already more than enough for the majority of domestic entertainment. But the main argument of the future Wi-Fi 7 standard is that it will once again blast this ceiling to reach the theoretical 46 Gbps.

In real conditions, this figure could be around 40 Gbps according to TNW! To put this impressive figure in context, it’s more than four times the speed of a standard USB 3.1 port. It also corresponds more or less to the maximum speed of a thunderbolt 3 cable… but without any wires!

Cloud gaming, virtual reality and telecommuting

With such impressive transfer speeds, one can imagine witnessing the development of a whole new type of network infrastructure. We are thinking, for example, of local cloud gaming setups like the Concept Nyx that Dell presented to us at the last CES. With 40 Gbps of bandwidth available, there will be plenty to stream locally all the best games of the moment without difficulty.

Moreover, it could also boost the capabilities of consumer virtual reality kits. We are thinking in particular of all the applications linked directly or indirectly to the famous metaverse, which many brands seem in a hurry to exploit in one way or another. Finally, the organization in charge of setting up these standards also suggests that Wi-Fi 7 could revolutionize remote work.

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