Will electric scooters soon have to be registered?

If electric scooters have allowed many city dwellers to rediscover the pleasure of moving around in the open air in the city, their proliferation is also a source of accidents, sometimes serious. A bill could force the registration of these vehicles.

Hard to deny it, electric scooters can cause jostling and even accidents. By driving on sidewalks rather than on reserved lanes, these two wheels and their drivers sometimes take liberties with the rules of the road. Last year, 870 personal accidents and 22 deaths were attributable to electric scooters.

Registration required above 15 km/h

Only problem, in case of leak, how to find the driver of a scooter without identification of the vehicle? Currently, all vehicles that exceed 25 km/h must be registered. However, scooters and electric bicycles cannot go beyond this speed. This is why Republican deputies have tabled a bill to impose the registration of all ” motorized land vehicle whose speed can, by the power of the engine alone, reach 15 km/h “.

In fact, all two-wheeled vehicles equipped with an electric motor will be affected by this law if it were adopted by the Assembly (its implementation would then be set for January 1, 2023). The text specifies that the fine imposed on a driver whose scooter or bicycle does not have a registration certificate (or if he cannot justify that the request has been made) would be fourth class, i.e. 750 euros .

Within two months, if a recurrence is found, the penalty increases to 1,500 euros. And if there have been three fines in the three months, the fine is much higher: 3,750 euros, and community service can be added. Suffice to say that we will soon register his machine, despite the administrative hassle that this entails.

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