Will John Williams ever retire?

John Williams will soon put away his instruments, the composer plans to retire.

John Williams is a staple of film music. At 90, the composer has hatched a number of iconic themes from the big screen. From the galaxy far away Star Wars to the magical castle of Hogwarts through the hostile land of Jurassic Park, Williams traveled through iconic sagas. He is also preparing to find one of them, more than 14 years after his last appearance.

He will compose the original music ofIndiana Jones 5. Asked by AP News, on this long-awaited return, he says he plans to retire very soon. He explains : “Right now I’m working on Indiana Jones 5. Harrison Ford, who’s younger than me, has announced that this will be his last film. So I thought if Harrison can do it, then maybe I can too.”

Recently, the musician had been more discreet. The last time he was credited in the credits of a film on the big screen was in 2019 with The Rise of Skywalker. He then indicated that it would be his last foray into the franchise imagined by George Lucas. Since then, he has made a small detour via Disney+. He served as a consultant on the series. Obi-Wan Kenobi. It was he who composed certain re-readings of his main themes. It was nevertheless Natalie Holt who was in charge of the project.

Not completely

John Williams is not going to hang up his instruments completely. He explains that he wants to devote himself to other projects, writing a score for a film being a colossal and extremely time-consuming job. A movie Star Wars representing more or less six months of development, it is “at this time in my life a very long commitment.” He now prefers to devote himself to projects with less scope, far from the big screen.

However, this does not mean that Indiana Jones will be the only film where we can hear a score by John Williams. He also composed the musical themes for The Fabelsmans directed by Steven Spielberg. With Indiana Jones 5, the film will also mark the 30th collaboration of the two men. And it’s far from over.

“It’s been 50 years now. Maybe we start the next 50. Whatever our relationship, whether it’s music, working with him or just being with him, I think we’ll always be together. We are great friends who have shared many years. It’s the kind of relationship where you can’t say no to the other.”

So see you on January 23, 2023 to discover The Fabelsmans At the movie theater. Autobiographical, the film recounts the filmmaker’s youth in Arizona. For Indiana Jones, it will be necessary to wait a little longer since the appointment is fixed at June 30 of the same year. Note that this is the first time that Steven Spielberg will not be directing a film in the saga. He passes the baton to James Mangold who worked on Mans 66 for example.

If you want to discover more about his journey in the Star Wars galaxy, we recommend the video below.

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