Will Scott Bakula be in the reboot? He responds to his fans

Many fans of the original Quantum Code are wondering: will Sam Beckett have a role in the reboot? Scott Bakula, who played the main hero, answered these questions on Twitter.

Scott Bakula, who played Sam Beckett, the protagonist of Code Quantum, one of the cult series of the 90s, posted a series of messages on Twitter to address his fans. Indeed, many of the viewers who followed Sam Beckett’s space-time tribulations with delight would have liked to see the character make even one appearance in the new series.

As a reminder, the writers had left viewers in the dark about the fate of Sam Beckett at the end of the 96th and final episode of Code Quantum. We just knew that the professor was lost in space-time, and that he was probably condemned to continue changing history indefinitely.

An appearance in the new Quantum Code was originally planned

Scott Bakula has a real gift for playing in cult series, since we can see him in “Vampires in all intimacy”, “Star Trek Enterprise” or “NCIS: Special Investigations”, an appearance in the new series would therefore be perfectly logical. The actor wanted to dispel the doubts on Twitter. Although the writers of Code Quantum version 2022 had a time considering making room for Sam Beckett in the new series, the idea was soon scrapped. Me Bakula says: “I have no connection with the new show, either in front of or behind the cameras. In January, after the pilot was sold, I received a script because Sam Beckett’s character was in it, which makes sense. How can we make a Quantum Code without Sam and Al? That’s what we’ll see. This is the very subject of the story. I have always carried this series in my heart, the decision to refuse this project was all the more difficult”.

The news will disappoint many fans: Scott Bakula will therefore not be reprising the role of the beloved Sam Beckett. However, it is likely that the character will appear in the new series in the guise of another actor. Quantum Code will follow the adventures of a team of researchers determined to solve the secrets of time travel and, in the process, find Sam Beckett. The protagonists of these new adventures are Professor Ben Seong (Raymond Lee), who will be supported by Addison (played by Caitlin Bassett), an army veteran who will appear in the form of a hologram.

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