Clip kendrick lamar deepfakes

Will Smith and Kanye West get their deepfake in Kendrick Lamar’s latest music video

In the new clip of the American artist, several celebrities were entitled to their deepfakes, in partnership with the creators of South Park.

Singer Kendrick Lamar yesterday presented the latest track from his new album Mr. Morale & the Big Steppers. baptized The Heart Part 5the single also marks the first step of his partnership with the production company Deep Voodoo, founded by the creators of South Park Matt Stone and Trey Parker, and specialized in deepfake technology.

An XXL casting thanks to AI

In the clip of The Heart Part 5, the artist who has already won 13 Grammy Awards uses artificial intelligence to offer himself a very high-flying cast. Thanks to the deepfakes, Lamar turns into a OJ Simpson, Jussie Smollett, Nipsey Hussle, Kobe Bryant, Will Smith, and even Kanye West.

A technological feat made possible by the Deep Voodoo studio. In addition to being known to belong to the creators of the series South Park, the company also distinguished itself in 2020 for having produced a 15-minute mockumentary on deepfakes. At the time, Trey Parker described the project as “probably the most expensive YouTube video ever made”. Always available on the Internet, Sassy Justice notably featured Donald Trump and Mark Zuckerberg.

As impressive as it is, this collaboration between Deep Voodoo and Kendrick Lamar is only the beginning of a long series. The company of the artist PDGLang has already signed an agreement for the creation of a feature film for Paramount. According to the first information shared, it will be a comedy written by Vernon Chatman. Filming should begin at the end of 2022, but no title or director has yet been formalized.

One thing is certain, with this new project as technologically successful as it is crazy, Kendrick Lamar looks set to win another title. Remember that the artist had already been nominated for an Oscar for All the Starsfrom the soundtrack of Black Panther in 2018. For their part, Trey Parker and Matt Smith are not left out. The duo have already picked up five Lifetime Emmy Awards, and are set to launch the 25th season of South Park This year. their musical Book of Mormons also won them several Tony Awards.

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