Will the meeting between Venom and Spider-Man happen sooner than expected?

Sony is backing up with two new Marvel productions, which herald the return of Venom. Will he be accompanied by Spider-Man?

Since last Wednesday, Venom 2, of which you can find our review, is available in our theaters and its plot post-credits scene. If we will not explain it to you in detail here, we can all the same say without fear that it brings the two universes of the Spiderman by Tom Holland and Venom by Tom Hardy. Obviously, these two characters evolve within very different productions, one managed by Disney and the other by Sony. However, the meeting seems more than imminent.

Sony has just announced that two new Marvel films will be made within two years. These come in addition to the two other previously announced productions that are Morbius and Kraven the hunter, scheduled for January 2022 and January 2023 respectively. These two newly announced films still don’t have a title, so we don’t yet know if Venom will be in the game.

However, they are already expected for June and October 2023. While a lot of hope rests in these two productions, or at least one of them, it’s still too early to draw any serious conclusions, especially from a somewhat lighthearted post-credits scene. However, everything suggests that the two heroes will eventually meet sooner or later, and why not do so in 2023? See you in over a year to learn more about this.

Other avenues to explore

In another time, several other avenues are to be considered. When we talk about Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, we also take into account the many spin-offs and characters of the famous Spider-Verse. We hang in particular the example of Morbius, which will focus on the doctor of the same name, who first appeared in the comics The Amazing Spider-Man # 101.

For the moment, the forecasts tend rather in favor from a movie about Spider-Woman, whose first role would allegedly be in the hands of Olivia Wilde. We also note that the project of a film around Sinister six has not yet materialized, and that it might be time to do so with one of these two productions.

In all cases, the door remains open for a continuation of Venom, but above all for an upcoming encounter between the spider man and the symbiote. If 2023 seems early enough for this event, Sony might want to fulfill all fans’ expectations, and capitalize on its Spider-Verse rights as much as possible. In the meantime, Tom Holland is to be found in theaters from December 15 in Spider-Man: No Way Home.

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