Will the next 3 Call of Duty be available on PlayStation?

According to a report, Activision plans to launch the next three Call of Duty on PlayStation consoles. Three years of respite before the storm?

Following the takeover of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, it is the fate of the franchise call of duty which has most worried PlayStation players, those who currently enjoy cross-platform connectivity and want it to stay that way. In response to fans’ concerns, Sony, then Microsoft, tried to reassure them and said that the agreements made between Activision and PlayStation would be honored until the end.

But this has widened certain gray areas, in particular on the duration of these agreements. Indeed, no one knows when the contracts binding Activision to Sony will end, and if they will be renewed by Microsoft following their expiration. Today, Bloomberg reports that the next three call of duty should also see the light of day on PlayStationfans therefore benefit from a respite of at least 3 years.

A busy schedule for Activision

Also according to the media, the next three games should be a new Modern Warfarefor this year or next year, a call of duty developed by Treyarch, so we can assume that it will be a black opsand yet another new version of the battle royale call of duty warzone. The latter recently offered a new identity, after moving from the Verdansk map to the Pacific map. It would therefore seem that a renewal of this game mode is planned approximately every two years.

As for the next game, it could well be postponed until next year, contrary to the tradition established by Activision. This would be due to the exceptional situation of the studio, which faces numerous complaints for harassment and sexual assault, which had to let go of many collaborators, and which must assume the reorganization of Microsoft on the sidelines of the effective takeover of the studio.

This should be formalized in 2023, when the acquisition will be approved by the competent authorities. Until then, Microsoft has revealed that Activision Blizzard will operate independently, although changes in management are already being felt. Microsoft is preparing the ground little by little.

A more than unstable status

About the games call of duty, for the moment neither Activision, nor Sony, nor Microsoft wanted to confirm Bloomberg’s statements, so we don’t know 100% if this hypothesis is true. Nevertheless, it seems obvious that for the moment, Microsoft would have a hard time doing without the financial windfall provided by PlayStation players on the franchise’s games, and would therefore have every interest in consolidating its console fleet before making any. long-term exclusivity.

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