will the third film really be the last?

The Jurassic World producer announces that he has other projects on the go. Will we be entitled to a fourth film?

7 years after the resurrection of the license on the big screen, without Steven Spielberg behind the camera, it’s time to say goodbye to Jurassic World. The new trilogy will end next June on our screens, more than a year after the first postponement. A particularly awaited conclusion since it promises to bring together the actors of the saga Jurassic Park with the new generation.

Alongside Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt, we will thus find Jeff Goldblum, Laura Derne and Sam Neill. A reunion that will explore the arrival of dinosaurs on the American continent and undoubtedly the beginning of a cohabitation between these bloodthirsty creatures and the vulnerable human race. The film’s prologue was shared on YouTube last November, after being shown to IMAX viewers at Fast and Furious 9 this summer. A real technical feat that promises to delight children obsessed with dinosaurs who have now become adults.

The conclusion of a trip?

But will this final part really be the last? If it will be good for Colin Trevorrow to conclude the narrative arcs of Owen Grady and Claire, the producer confided to have many other projects on fire; starting with the Netflix series The Cretaceous Colo, whose fourth season was released last December. A fifth season is also on the program.

But it will not be the only production in the universe to invade our screens in the coming years, according to Frank Marshall, producer of the franchise. “The World After will conclude this trilogy, but we are not resting on our laurels. We obviously want to make great movies with great storytelling, great writers and directors, but we’re certainly looking to do more in the world of Jurassic.”

Rather nebulous statements, but which could be a way for Frank Marshall to confirm that the future of the saga may not be on the big screen. From there to say that Universal is working on a live-action series… It is still too early to know. Especially since the firm must for the moment concentrate its efforts on the promotion of Jurassic World: The World After. The film arrives in France next June 8.

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