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Will The Wheel of Time be the best Amazon Prime Video series?

Amazon has just shared new images from its The Wheel of Time series, which aims to become a phenomenon. Will the platform win its bet?

Since its final episode, in 2019, Game Of Thrones left a void in the audiovisual panorama. A place that the various SVOD platforms are determined to take, which are increasing the number of such projects to attract a new audience. This is the case of Netflix which can count on The Witcher to record audience records when it was released. On Amazon Prime Video, the answer was to take the form of a series inspired by one of the most iconic literary sagas: The Lord of the Rings.

But while the return to Middle-earth is slow, the platform has more than one trick up its sleeve. She will adapt a successful literary series, The Wheel of Time. Written in 1990 by Robert Jordan, the first volume follows the adventures of three villagers who find themselves one day torn from their peaceful life in the remote region of Deux-Rivières. It is the arrival of Moiraine in their village that will change their lives forever.

A promising cast

As Game Of Thrones before it, the new Amazon Prime Video series relies on both familiar faces and new ones. To play the main character, the studios have recruited Rosamund Pike, winner of the Golden Globes in 2020 for I Care a Lot. She will give the reply to Alvaro Morte, who became known in France and elsewhere thanks to his incarnation of El Professor in La Casa de Papel.

A rich and dense universe

The most important thing for a platform is to retain its audience. The universe of The Wheel of Time, if it seduces the spectators, has it under the pedal to last several years. The saga is made up of 14 novels, so there is plenty to do.

But first, you have to be able to convince, and it is clear that the first images are rather promising. Epic at will, while not forgetting the slightly more political aspect of the plot, the sequence gives us a good overview of the themes that will be discussed. There will also be a sound and light show, directed by Uta Briesewitz. The director has notably worked on the series Altered Carbon, as well as on the third season of Stranger Things.

Already a season 2 on the program

Rather confident about the reception that will be reserved for its new production, the platform has already decided to offer it a second season. Proof that the work adapted from Robert Jordan’s novels is well on the way to staying. From there to say that it is the new one Game Of Thrones ? Maybe not… But it’s probably worth a look.

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