Will Valve’s Steam Deck be eligible for exclusive games?

In an FAQ posted to its site, Valve answers the question of whether the Steam Deck will be coming out with some exclusives.

We are only a few months away from the first shipments of Steam Deck, Valve’s hybrid PC. Since its announcement, many players and media to compare the machine to the Nintendo Switch console, especially for its portable format. However, it was very clear from the start that the two machines had nothing to do with it, especially in terms of performance and the operating system.

Valve reiterates today this desire to create an ultra portable PC more than a console through an FAQ concerning the games available on the Steam Deck. At the question, ” Could any Steam Deck exclusive titles interest Valve? “, The firm replies:” no, we think it doesn’t make sense. Steam Deck is a computer and should be able to launch any game, such as a computer “.

No exclusive games … but optimized games

A clear answer, which one could suspect, but which nevertheless remains a useful confirmation. Future Steam Seck owners should therefore never have exclusive titles, although they can enjoy a myriad of optimized games. In addition, developers may as well choose to bet more on the portable and tactile side of the Steam Deck for their future games, although these will technically still be available to everyone via Steam.

To do this, Valve recently created an authentication badge that will serve to identify which games will be verified for optimal use on Steam Deck. The games will therefore all be studied one by one on several criteria to determine their compatibility.

Another important point concerning games, it seems that the operation of the Valve platform will remain unchanged on the hybrid PC since it will be possible to install external software in order to use them with Proton. Valve explains: “ you can add and install the game of your choice, just like on the desktop version of Steam. Simply install the app, then add it to Steam from desktop mode to appear in your library.

A delayed delivery date

In just a few weeks, we could have seen the first tests and impressions of the Steam Deck point their noses. However, Valve warned a few days ago that the machine would be delayed and that the first buyers will receive it by February 2022. Pre-orders are still open if you want to treat yourself to one, starting at € 419. .

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