Windows 10: an update causes sound problems, admits Microsoft

Microsoft acknowledges that a recent Windows 10 update is causing audio issues on some PCs. The update in question was originally released in late July.

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Windows 10 update causes sound issues

Here is what Microsoft says about the sound issue:

After installing KB5015878 or newer updates, some Windows devices may experience audio playback issues. Some affected Windows devices may not hear sound, while others may experience issues only with certain ports, certain audio devices, or only in certain applications. In most cases, the audio enhancements setting of the affected audio device drivers was disabled before installing the KB5015878 update, or the audio device driver has issues with the audio enhancements feature.

What to do now ? First of all, if you haven’t installed this update yet, you can update your audio drivers by checking Windows Update to prevent the issue from occurring. In another case, if you have installed the update and only some apps are not playing sound, you can try to ensure that the correct audio output is selected.

Finally, if you have already installed the update, you can try to recover the audio by running the Windows audio troubleshooter by finding it via the Windows 10 search bar or by following the Microsoft tutorial. The last solution Microsoft offers is to follow their guide on disabling audio enhancements. Audio enhancement settings can be found under Additional Device Properties when you go to Start > Settings > System > Sound. Both of these workarounds are relatively simple and shouldn’t take more than a few minutes.

Note that you don’t have to do anything in particular if you have Windows 11, the sound problem only affects Windows 10.

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