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Windows 10 and 11 downloads are blocked in Russia

Downloading Windows 10 and 11 is currently no longer possible in Russia, either for ISO files or installation tools from Microsoft. The reason for the blockage is currently unknown.

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TASS, Russian news agency, was the first to expose the blocking of Windows 10 and 11 downloads. Other people have since confirmed on Twitter and other online platforms. An error message appears when a Russian user wants to start the download from the Microsoft site. “There was a problem with your request”can we read on the error message.

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At the same time, the installer launches, but shows error 0x80072F8F-0x20000. “For some unknown reason, this tool could not be run on your computer”indicates the message.

Russian users have confirmed to BleepingComputer that using a VPN is enough to unblock the situation. Simply having a non-Russian IP address allows you to download Microsoft’s latest two operating systems normally.

Then come the questions: is this a mistake on Microsoft’s part? Is it a voluntary choice? Or did the group receive a specific instruction to prevent downloading in the country? There is no answer at the moment and Microsoft remains discreet when asked about the subject.

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