Windows 11 and AMD processors: performance issues

People who installed Windows 11 on PC with AMD processor are experiencing performance issues. The drop may be 15% depending on the case. But there is good news: a fix is ​​about to emerge.

Windows 11 and AMD processors: soon a fix for performance issues

Problems between AMD processors and Windows 11

“AMD and Microsoft have determined that compatible processors may exhibit reduced performance in some applications under Windows 11”, indicates AMD on its site. The expected performance impact is 3 to 5% in the affected applications. This can be 10% to 15% in games commonly used for eSports.

The problem has to do with the latency of the L3 cache which has increased by about three times. The programs that will suffer are especially those sensitive to access time to the memory subsystem. AMD also reported another issue, explaining that UEFI CPPC2 may not preferentially schedule threads on the fastest core of the processor. Applications that are sensitive to the performance of one or more processor threads will experience reduced performance. The problem will be more noticeable on processors with more than 8 cores that operate at more than 65 W.

The fix to end performance issues with AMD and Windows 11 processors will be released in October. There is not yet a specific date. Users will be entitled to a Windows update and a software update from AMD.

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