Windows 11 and AMD processors: reduced performance bug fixed

Microsoft is now offering an update for Windows 11 that corrects the performance bug with AMD processors. The problem was that performance could drop by 15% after installing the new operating system.

AMD Ryzen 5000 processor

Update to fix performance bug on Windows 11 with AMD processors

Earlier this month, Microsoft and AMD announced that they were working together on this performance bug with the second’s processors. The problem had to do with the latency of the L3 cache which had increased by about three times. The programs that suffered the most were particularly those sensitive to memory subsystem access time.

A first update for Windows 11 was released last week and the performance bug with AMD processors has worsened. Fortunately, today’s patch allows us to return to a normal situation, without degradation. It can be found in Windows Update, it is an optional update.

This new Windows 11 update also includes a large number of fixes, including one to fix an issue that prevents the Start menu from opening after updating the operating system. There are also fixes to input delays for some Bluetooth mice and keyboards.

Note that a second bug concerned users with an AMD processor. It also affected the general performance. But AMD has already proposed this week an update of its driver (version

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