Windows 11: Android apps and other new features are coming in February

Windows 11 will get its first big update in February, including support for Android apps. Microsoft details today the various new features that will be present.

Windows 11 Android Apps

The first big Windows 11 update is revealed

The big new feature of Windows 11 in February will therefore be support for Android applications. Microsoft says it will be in testing for the time being. It should be understood by this that it will be a beta and that bugs may exist. Installing apps will be done through the Amazon Appstore, but there are methods to install any app in APK format. However, Microsoft does not officially support this point.

Another novelty is the best concerning the taskbar. This includes a mute and unmute function, as well as the ability to display a clock on secondary monitors. Both of these features were missing when Windows 11 launched, but Microsoft is still working on improving the taskbar to bring back missing features like drag-and-drop.

In addition, the new version of Windows 11 will welcome new versions of Notepad and Media Player applications. The interface changes to adapt to the new operating system.

Windows 11 Desktop Laptop

Some data showing some success

In the process, Microsoft announces that Windows 10 and 11 are now running 1.4 billion devices, and this every month. “We see three enduring trends: the rise of hybrid working and learning, changing entertainment habits and distribution models, and changing consumer habits for everyday tasks”says Panos Panay, the head of Windows at Microsoft.

Also, the pandemic has changed uses. So Microsoft says the number of people using apps like Cisco WebEx, Slack, Microsoft Teams and Zoom has increased sixfold. In addition, since the start of the pandemic, 70% more people have watched streaming content on Hulu, Netflix and YouTube through Windows and monthly minutes spent playing have increased by more than 35%.

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