Windows 11: Android apps are available in beta

Microsoft announces that it is now possible to test Android applications on Windows 11. It is available now and requires the beta of the operating system. These are available with the Windows Insider program, which anyone can join.

Windows 11 Microsoft Store Android Apps

A Windows 11 beta to test Android applications

Android applications on Windows 11 can be obtained from the Microsoft Store. This lists several lists and then sends users back to the Amazon Appstore to start the download and then install. Android apps can run side by side with other Windows apps and they are also integrated in the Alt + Tab view. Also, you can pin them to the Start menu or to the taskbar.

There are currently 50 Android apps available with Windows 11 from the Microsoft Store. This notably includes games Lords Mobile, June’s Journey and Master Corner. There is also Kindle from Amazon and children’s apps, like Lego Duplo World and Khan Academy Kids. In any case, the catalog is more than light. By comparison, there are over three million apps on the Google Play Store and over 600,000 on the Amazon Appstore. But it’s a beta and we imagine that the catalog will grow over time.

Windows 11 Android Apps Support

Some conditions for doing the test

Here are the items required to test Android apps with the Windows 11 beta:

  • Your PC must be Windows 11 (build and meet hardware requirements.
  • You may need to enable virtualization for your PC’s BIOS / UEFI.
  • Your PC region should be set to United States.
  • Your PC must be in the beta channel.
  • You must also have a US-based Amazon account to use the Amazon Appstore.

Microsoft does not yet say when all users can take advantage of this new feature with the stable version. But we can imagine that it will not be before 2022, knowing that the tests have just started.

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