Windows 11: Android apps can have multiple instances

Screenshots of Android apps running on Windows 11 have recently appeared and reveal that it will be possible to have multiple instances.

Windows 11 Android Apps Multiple Instances

Multiple instances for Android apps on Windows 11

The images were shared (then removed) by a user on the Chinese social network Billibilli. In the captures we see two social media apps running on Windows 11. But the most notable element is the image where we see the WeChat app at the taskbar level. As can be seen, the application of WeChat is run with two instances, with two different accounts.

Multi-instance support for Android apps on Windows 11 would be good news, especially considering that many Android smartphones do not support this kind of functionality. It could help multitasking a lot. However, there is currently no specific information on the subject. Microsoft has not released anything publicly.

Microsoft was initially supposed to offer application support with the final version of Windows 11 (recently available). But the group finally announced that everything was not ready yet and that we will have to wait for an update. This will not happen before 2022. There is not yet a specific date.

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