Windows 11 becomes available on more PCs

Microsoft announces that Windows 11 is now available for download on more PCs. This is still a gradual rollout for the new operating system and new people are now entitled to it.

Windows 11 Logo

Windows 11 becomes accessible to more people

“The availability of Windows 11 has been increased and we are building on our next-generation machine learning model to offer the upgrade to a wider set of eligible devices,” Microsoft explains. “We will continue to train our machine learning model throughout the incremental rollout to provide a smooth upgrade experience.”

If you have a PC, you can go to Windows Update to see if you are offered an upgrade to Windows 11. Consider taking a look if it wasn’t before.

Microsoft does not provide a list of devices that are offered to upgrade to Windows 11, but you will only be able to get the update through Windows Update if your PC meets the minimum requirements. If you still don’t see the prompt and want to skip the queue, Microsoft offers an easy way to upgrade early. Just download the ISO file and then do a manual installation.

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