Windows 11 is now installed on 16% of PCs

Windows 11 is now installed on 16% of PCs

Windows 11’s share continues to climb with the operating system now installed on 16.1% of PCs according to AdDuplex. As a reminder, the final version was released at the beginning of October.

Part Installing Windows 11 January 2022

Progress for Windows 11 install share

In detail, 16.1% of PCs are running the stable version of Windows 11. There are also 0.4% of PCs with the beta version, which is accessible to anyone who is part of the Windows Insider program. This is free and accessible to everyone, as long as you have a Microsoft email address.

But unsurprisingly, Windows 10 still largely dominates. AdDuplex, which analyzes PCs running Windows 10 and Windows 11, notes that the former has an 83.5% share with its various variants. “While Windows 11 nearly doubled its share, Windows 10 21H2 more than tripled over the same period”indicates AdDuplex. “As many older PCs cannot be upgraded to Windows 11, it will be interesting to see where these numbers stabilize over time”adds the group.

Indeed, there are specific technical characteristics to switch to the new operating system. This notably involves certain processors from Intel or AMD. Those who do not meet the criteria can force the installation, but they will not be entitled to updates via Windows Update. They will have to download them manually from the Microsoft site.

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