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Windows 11: Microsoft fixes the bug of applications that crash because of a certificate

Microsoft is announcing the availability of an update (KB5008295) for Windows 11 that restores features blocked due to an expired certificate. The problem was discovered this week.

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Fixed bug with expired certificate on Windows 11

The Screenshot tool, the touch keyboard or the emoji panel are some of the applications in Windows 11 that were crashing because of the certificate. This expired on October 31, and Microsoft is only offering the fix today. There had already been a test of the patch yesterday with members of the Windows Insider program. Everything obviously happened. Microsoft also indicates that its patch does not present any known problem.

If you have Windows 11, go to the settings and then to the Windows Update section. The KB5008295 update should appear, so you can download and install it. A restart is required after its installation. And if you don’t do anything, then Windows 11 will automatically download and install the update over the next few days (unless you’ve changed the settings to prevent this behavior).

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